Posted on: January 18, 2021 Posted by: James Comments: 0

Ah, now that Christmas and the new year festivities have passed, somewhat dully this time it must be said, our thoughts pass on to the soon to be joy of spring arriving.  Already the garden is beginning to show a few signs of positive growth.  The hellebores are really going great guns this time, although the dreadful wet conditions sometimes look as though they’re going to give up the ghost too.  But no, they keep going and so do the bulbs popping their little green shoots up.  This tims of year always pleases and restores the soul doesn’t it!    Whilst we’re all asked or in fact, instructed to confine ourselves to barracks as it were, we can enjoy a long stroll around the garden.  So long as it’s classed as exercise and we’re not entertaining anybody else not from our usual family group, then this must be a positive step to take.  Wellies, rain coat and hat and a brisk stroll round where the land permits – always boost the good mood apparatus in the mind.