Posted on: February 15, 2022 Posted by: James Comments: 0

I have been thinking long and very hard about getting my kitchen replaced.  At one time I would have happily gone down the local DIY emporiums, checked out the choices of flatpack cabinets and selection of worktops and more or less done the job myself.  Today however, the sheer cost of such an undertaking is massively out of the realms of DIY.  The cabinetry is so much better, lots of the makes are supplying ready assembled and so to get that truly professional finish that my long cherished housekeeper  requires, I will be employing the recommended fit and finish team.  I was truly bewildered by the by the incredible choice of styles for doors, inners, appliances etc.  I have brought home the main catalogues – now the size of mail order catalogues.  I have also been thrust booklets about flooring, windows, doors and every conceivable item one has in a house.  So long as I can still see out of the patio door and floor to ceiling windows, out to my wonderfully calming garden, the rest is fine!