Posted on: August 19, 2021 Posted by: James Comments: 0

If one tries to record all the changes that occur in life of a garden over a year, it’s pretty much impossible.  There are definitely stages of activity that will happen regardless of the weather.  The house always looks more cheery when the spring sunshine comes in earnest and the same goes for the garden.  Early bulbs poke through, lawns start to look and feel springier, and regrettably the weeds also start looking perkier.  One thing we can do early when we walk around the garden with our first cuppa of the day, is take a weeding implement in the other hand and remove as many as possible in a short burst of activity.  Those persistent weeds in the lawn need constant attention – it’s easier when we have damp weather otherwise the ground is just too hard.  I try to remind myself that donning an old anorak & wellies will do me just as much good as the garden when I’m out there with my long dandelion weeder! That carefully controlled bobbing up and down does wonder ss part of my exercise routine.