Posted on: September 18, 2020 Posted by: James Comments: 0

When you have only a small space for growing anything at all in  your garden, it’s still possible to grow a range of vegetables and fruit – in pots and containers.  I had always contained my enthusiasm to colourful shrubs and flowers.   This year I experimented;  having dispensed with 50 daffodil bulbs that had turned ‘blind’, I had 2 huge black containers spare.  I gathered up various oddments of compost and leafmould and half filled each tub – then I popped in two spuds I found lurking in the veg box – they’d sprouted weird roots . . .  I planted 2 in each tub, topping each up with as much compost as I could garner.  With regular watering, it was exciting watching the greenery fill the pot, getting bigger by the week.   I was advised that the huge greeenery drying out and flopping all over was a sign that the potatoes were ready to crop.  The first tub yielded 2.7 kg and the second a very creditable 2.2kg of nice tasty new potatoes and they cost nothing as I already had pots, compost and water!