Posted on: March 27, 2020 Posted by: Patio Doors Ltd Comments: 0

Having a really attractive garden is one very good reason for having good quality, well designed patio doors fitted.    At one time there would be ‘French Doors’ if we had a nice big house, usually out in the country.  The patio feature didn’t really enter the language until about the late 1970s.  French doors were literally one door, with a side window.  It was always rather awkward trying to get through the door into the garden with picnic chairs, and other fun things.  We had a couple of houses with this door arrangement and at the time it was a modern new theme to help us feel the outside was that bit nearer.  However, on a very cold frosty night, the outside was very often inside – by way of icicles hanging inside the single glazed metal framed door and window!  This was in the days before universally centrally heated houses with full wall to wall deep pile carpets. . . . .  Ah the wonders of today’s modern concepts are even more revolutionary – a whole back wall of a kitchen can now be replaced with bi fold triple glazed doors.  Fantastic!