Posted on: November 16, 2020 Posted by: James Comments: 0

It’s a funny thing that these days we are encouraged to leave all the creepy crawlies of the bug life where they are on our plants.  The outdoor ones anyway.     The birds and bees are in dire need of these extra little grubbings, on top of the mountains of bird food, nuts, seeds and fat balls that festoon the gardens.  Much of this over feeding is generated by fed companies of course.  They see this as an absolute gold seam.  As with all pet/animal situation, we are happy to spend thousands a year on products.   In the case of birds, they’d come into the garden anyway whether we put food out or not.    They naturally gravitate towards their favourite bugs, garden hips and other tit bits, but of course, like humans, they don’t mind forgoing the natural foraged eat out when there’s a ready made and very tasty suet ball and peanut variation handed to them on a plate, quite literally!