Posted on: April 8, 2021 Posted by: James Comments: 0

I was watching a programme about two English sisters trying to buy a holiday home in France.   It was one of the usual day time life style fodder that many have got used to over the months.  Usually they feature hot places like Spain, Portugal or Cyprus and I’ve not seen that many from France.  The difference of course being the buyers usually seek a balcony or outside space with a fantastic view.  The French villages were in an area along the Atlantic coastline – so tiny they had no shop or obvious means to get food or supplies.  The properties were grim.  I’ve not seen anything so run down on any property programme over here apart from the houses bought for auction – and then done up and sold on for a very satisfactory profit.   These French places were staggeringly bad but all of them offered shuttered patio doors of sorts  and all looked out onto massive gardens which at least offered a bit more scope.  I guess as with all purchase choices, it’s horses for courses!