Posted on: October 13, 2021 Posted by: James Comments: 0

Ahh the mellow fruifulness of autumn – it’s fantastic to have a lare patio window and door combination so the garden is visible from every chair in our family room.  We all appreciate being able to sit and while away the odd few minutes just taking in the seasonal changes, the wildlife activity and make mental notes on what needs doing in the garden next.   Nost newer homes have patio doors these days, and owners of the older Victorian terrace will usually put that as one of the top priority jobs in a planned renovation.  Of course, some houses just cannot accommodate a standard double door with side glazing panels – but where there is only a narrow end wall with a single window, it’s amazing these days how window companies can alter this with bay windows to push out the wall a little.  Or newer opening designs can save a great deal of space.   Whatever the problem, there will be something to overcome it but a true expert in the design and supply of systems needs to be engaged to avoid expensive mistakes.