Posted on: July 6, 2022 Posted by: James Comments: 0

I have been away from my home and garden rather a lot this year – mostly on house & dog sitting duties.  This in itself has presented quite some challenges  in that the lovely large grassy area that the dogs used to romp over has temporarily been dug up and/or covered by heavy plant earth moving gear, tipper trucks and concrete mixers.  The owners of the property have decided to have move their office into the far corner of the garden, to separate it from the house.   Very good idea in practice but the workings to get to the end point are a tad dire.  so the pooches had a change to their routine and were taken out for very early walkies to burn off as much energy as possible and anser mother nature’s urges at the same time.  It will soon be a wonderful space again.  Apparently there will be hard landscaping with a water feature and raised lawns.  Sounds terrific and very worth waiting for!